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No matter what electrical service you need, you can find it here. On Call Electrical is the go to site to meet all of your electricity problems and additions. If you’re looking to have exterior lighting installed, home electric panel upgrades, or a brand new entertainment system professionally installed, this is the one-stop site for electric work in Baltimore, MD.

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With a click of a button you can get a professional to come to you, willing to listen to any concerns you have and guide you through the process. Again, it only takes about a minute to fill out the quick questionnaire. You can expect an electrical pro to get in touch with you shortly after.

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If you ever need any kind of electric work, our staff are happy to oblige. There isn’t much that these trained pros can’t handle.

Our Top Requested Services

Electrician in Baltimore, MD

Electrician in Baltimore MDThe electricity in your home services so many different appliances and lighting fixtures that it’s important to have the wiring work and electrical panels maintained regularly. This will ensure that the electric current in your home distributes to everything safely and evenly. We proud to offer the best electrician services that Baltimore, MD possibly can. If you ever run into an issue with your electric work please call (410) 403-3332 to get a professional out to you immediately. Get in touch with an electrician at (410) 403-3332 today and get a free quote.

Electrical Repair in Baltimore, MD

Electrical Repair in Baltimore MDIt’s not just a matter of comfort, electrical repair in Baltimore, MD is also a matter of safety. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have that service done as soon as humanly possible. If you notice a light burning out quickly, a socket not working, or if you find yourself going through breakers frequently, you may need to call in for electrical repair in Baltimore, MD. To get started, call (410) 403-3332 today to get in touch with a pro. They’ll be able to provide you with a free estimate one they’re on site.

Attic Fan in Baltimore, MD

Attic Fan in Baltimore MDFor the ultimate in year round savings that almost instantly pays for itself, invest the money into an attic fan. Baltimore, MD homes find that a simple installation service can cut costs on energy bills all year long. This is because an attic fan for Baltimore, MD homes can reduce heating costs during the winter and cooling costs during the summer, all because of how temperatures affect the air in your attic. So to get started and to start saving get in touch with a pro today by calling (410) 403-3332.

Electrical Wiring in Baltimore, MD

Electrical Wiring in Baltimore MDEssentially the lifeblood of your home’s powered units, electrical wiring for Baltimore, MD houses is incredibly important to be maintained. Not only because it’s responsible for your home’s electric appliances and heating units, but also because issues in wiring can result in fire hazards. So for comfort and safety’s sake call an electrician in for electrical wiring in Baltimore, MD. To get in touch with a pro, just dial (410) 403-3332 to get started and book that first appointment. Once the pro is on the job they can even provide you a free estimate for the service.

Customer Testimonials

“I'm A Faithful Customer”  

“We were having trouble with our electricity but we could never find the right guy for the job, we tested a few out but they never got the problem solved until we finally hired On Call Electrical. They quickly fixed the problem(which turned out to be a much simpler thing than we thought) and did a very good job. They were really friendly but professional at the same time. I'm definitely calling them again next time. Recommend!” - Jennifer P.

“The Price Was Just Right”  

“I’m so glad I hired these guys. We had to change almost all the electrical cables on the house due to our most recent renovation and they did a very good job, without any mess and very quickly. They were very professional and solved the doubts I had before even starting the job. The pricing was fair, lower than I expected. I recommend them to all my friends and everybody who needs electrical done. ” - Henry F.

“I Highly Recommend Them”  

“There were many electrical problems that needed urgent attention around the house, some old outlets, bad wiring and poorly distributed energy, which sometimes caused the energy to shut down if too many appliances were on. All of these problems were promptly fixed by On Call Electrical. They checked everything, listened to all my inquiries with patience and by the end they knew exactly what to do. They fixed the whole thing at once and now everything is stable.” - Iris B.

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